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Jeep Rolls Out New Concept and Name My Ride Contest

Are you one of those vehicle enthusiasts who names their car and says “Good Morning” to it when you get in each morning? Do you ever catch yourself thinking, I wish I had a vehicle named _____? Ever wonder who has the awesome job of coming up with such distinct names for all of our vehicles?

Well, now you have the chance to take on that awesome job and name one of our vehicle packages . Jeep is rolling out a brand new concept of the Jeep Grand Cherokee along with the new concept comes the Jeep “Name My Ride” contest. This new, production-intent concept vehicle has innovative, stealthy details, giving it a unique and aggressive look.

The Jeep brand brings this vehicle to the Houston Auto to gauge consumer reactions and see if the positive vibes are buzzing about. If you’re digging the car, you can log onto Jeep.com/namemyride and enter your ideas for what the distinctive new vehicle should be named – the Jeep Grand Cherokee ___________ (fill in the blank).

The Jeep brand will narrow the names down to the top three and let voters choose their favorite. The winning name will be announced in May and the person who entered it will have a chance to win an all-new 2012 Jeep Grand Cherokee.

“We plan to garner feedback from consumers at the Houston Auto Show, and via our online Jeep ‘Name My Ride’ contest,” said Mike Manley, President and CEO of Jeep Brand. “If the level of excitement is what we anticipate, this new Grand Cherokee will be in Jeep showrooms this spring.”

Before you know it, this new Jeep Grand Cherokee could be sitting in your local dealer showroom with the name YOU chose for it! We won’t give you any ideas for new names, but we will remind you of some names currently used by the Jeep brand as a jumping off point: Overland, Summit, Arctic, Jet, Rubicon and Sahara.


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