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2013 Dodge Dart Unveiling (WITH VIDEO)

Here’s an interior shot from the show floor.

Dodge Dart Interior

More info: The Dodge Dart will come with three available engine options…2.0L, 2.4L, 1.4L Fiat Engine with Turbo option.

8:18 Some photos.

8:07: That’s it. Here’s some video.

8:06: Entry level price of $15,995

8:05: Yep…40mpg rating.

8:05: Lots of customization options. 5 model levels.

8:03: Lots of features. 10 Airbags.

8:02: The instrument display can be either digital or analog.

8:01: 8.4″ Touchscreen

8:00: Yes you can get the Fiat 1.4L Engine.

7:59: We’ve got some video, we’ll have it posted soon.

7:55: Wanted to start a clean slate when creating a compact car.

7:54: Talking about how they did well even without a strong compact car last year.

7:51: They’re on stage touting the awards for various Chrysler products.

7:50: You can see the live feed here. http://www.facebook.com/chryslercommunitcations?sk=app_190322544333196

7:46 CT: Marchionne arrives to event sporting a beard.

7:44 CT:Unable to get live feed from Redline Dodge website. Servers must be crashing.


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