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C-Evo Platform…Chryslers Future

By: Damon T.
alfa-romeo-giuliettaThere’s an article by Mark Phelan that I recently read that was posted on The Republic website. It’s a very short article, but the general take made me see Chryslers future a little different. For years Chrysler has tried to deliver compact vehicle to American drivers. Most of these vehicles have seen mild success. Personally I have enjoyed cars like the Neon, and the Caliber. For me they hit the mark. I felt they were a nice balance of size and fuel efficiency. They make for good every day drivers. I particularly love the SRT-4 versions of these vehicles they introduced, although I’ve never owned one. Many car clubs have risen up around these vehicles, and there’s actually quite a few fanboys( and girls) out there.

Well the Neon is gone, and this is the last year for the Dodge Caliber. So what’s next for Chrysler. Enter the FIAT C-Evo platform. Currently being used by the “500” and the Alfa Romeo Giulietta the platform is expected to be the foundation for future Chrysler products. The yet to be named Caliber replacement will be built around the C-Evo platform, and is expected to be launched in 2013. This is just the start however as Chrysler is expected to use this platform to revamp the Jeep Compass and Patriot as well as the Dodge Avenger and Chrysler 200. What’s so great about the C-Evo? Well the biggest plus is the 1.4L engine that promises about 40 mpg. This is something Chrysler has never been able to deliver in the past. With heavy competition from GM and Ford who currently offer low mpg vehicles the new platform allows Chrysler to directly compete in a vehicle segment that has a growing consumer demand. In many ways this signals a dynamic shift for Chrysler who’s traditional focus has been on larger vehicles.

I believe that in the next few years Chrysler will evolve into a company who’s focus will shift towards these smaller more economical vehicles. In two to three years Chrysler will be a much changed company. Don’t worry, I think you’ll always see performance vehicles being manufactured by Chrysler, and of course trucks aren’t going anywhere. There will always be demand for these, at least in the immediate future. Things are changing, and the Evo-C marks the turning point. It will be exciting to watch the transformation which in many ways has already begun, but will be most visible as we approach 2013.


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  1. You could not be more right on!!

    October 21, 2011 at 10:43 pm

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