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Tips for New Drivers – Chrysler Gathers Advice From Their Social Community

by Mike Driehorst (Pulled From Chrysler Media) September 8, 2011 4:33 PM

 The best driving  tips may  come from Chryslers online communities. So please take a few minutes to read through the advice below, share it with other drivers in your life and keep these tips in mind for your own first-time driver. We’ll be sure to do the same.

From Facebook

Robert Wantin: Put the phone down.

Tom F. LaChance:
 Pull over to take the call or text.
Stephanie Rivedal: Put the phone down. The call/text is not worth losing your or someone else’s life over.
Thomas VandenOever: Look ahead!
Thomas Perry-Pare: Pay attention ALL of the time!!!
Michael J. Brawley: Get off the darn cell phone and out of the passing lane.

Sherman Dodge Jeep Chrysler:
 Definitely look both ways, come to a complete stop, and always use your turn signal! Most importantly, don’t text and drive!

Pat Henry: always be aware of the cars around you – you have to know where they all are before you shift lanes, turn, etc. and yes, put that phone down; nothing is that important

Randy Stern: Understand your vehicle, your surroundings and pay attention to everything around you, inside the car and out. Oh, and leave the bloody phone alone…

Santiago Martinez:
 Use your cruise control on long trips so your foot doesn’t get exhausted…and also so you can maximize the fuel saver technology on you your HEMI!
Thad Kirk Sr.: Keep right. Pass left.
Chad Petersen: Find a friend who drives an 18-wheeler for a living. Ask him if it’d be OK to allow you as a passenger for one day. It will help you understand a few things such as… how long it takes to stop 80,000 pounds, how long it takes to accelerate a loaded truck, and how much room is needed to make a right turn at a traditional 4-way intersection. One day in the passenger seat WILL change the way you drive near the big rigs.
Jeff Canter: Practice the “big picture” visual sweep. It is way too easy to be distracted otherwise.

Amy Bradburn Driehorst:Always turn right into the curb lane, not the left lane. Then, use your turn signal to change into the left lane. And by all means…put the phone away!
Mike Mclain: Slow down
Thomas Ramsey: Accept the fact that you’re not the only one on the road.
Elizabeth Schmitt: Have a soft touch on the steering wheel–don’t clutch it in a death grip. Keep your eyes moving especially in suburban driving. Use your signals routinely. Don’t speed through parking lots. Drive like someone *you* would like to share the road with.
Ted Firebird: Use your %$^&$ turn signal!!!
Ryan Kramer: Assume everyone else around you is completely retarded and you have to drive for them. Once you understand that, you’ll be fine
Bill Louvaris: don’t listen to people who think they know how to drive and tell you how to drive, that includes all passengers either in the front or the back seat.

Jaime Burnitzki: Look both ways, twice! Nothing like totaling a minivan a 70mph!

From Twitter

roverguide / RoverGuide: Don’t trust other people’s turning signals. RT @Chrysler Let’s spread some knowledge … your best #CarTips for new drivers? ^MD

Thatguycanada / Jeff Ivanyshyn:
 “@Chrysler: Let’s spread some knowledge: What’s your 1 of your best #CarTips for new drivers? ^MD” Buy a chrysler product !!
JasonArredondo / Jason Arredondo: @Chrysler keep your tires aired properly #CarTips
jordey73 / Jordan Tomasone: @Chrysler keep your eyes on the road #CarTips
CarGuyDad / Kamil K.: Keep right, pass left. RT @Chrysler: Let’s spread some knowledge: What’s your 1 of your best #CarTips for new drivers? ^MD
SeanRLoh / Sean Loh: Don’t crash #Motorama RT @Chrysler: Let’s spread some knowledge: What’s your 1 of your best #CarTips for new drivers? ^MD

SteveUnderwood / Steve Underwood:
 @Chrysler Doing this now with my son. Don’t get over confident behind the wheel. And pay attention to other drivers around you. #cartips
Miradart / David J Foley: Be a smooth driver. Nothing jerky


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