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Chrysler Group Upgrade Resolves RER-iPhone 4 Issues

Now, if you have an iPhone 4 and one of our Media Center 730N (RER) systems, you can upgrade on your own to ensure the two systems are compatible. Simply go to the RER Radio Software Update Request page, type in the final eight digits of your Vehicle Identification Number (VIN), and the rest of the form to see if you qualify and to complete the request. Initial post from March 23, 2011: Chrysler Group has released a software upgrade for the 730N radio (RER) that fixes iPhone 4 Bluetooth® connection issues. Previously, users had intermittent connectivity when using Bluetooth to connect their iPhone 4 to a RER radio.Owners - Quality - Media Center 730N (RER)_1300891815959The software upgrade is designed to eliminate any “disconnects” and give customers uninterrupted service. The software upgrade is covered under the 3-year/36,0000-mile warranty, and possibly under some service contracts. For specific details in your case and to schedule an appointment to upgrade your 730N radio (RER) for the iPhone 4 compatibility issues, contact your local Chrysler, Dodge, Jeep® or Ram dealer.


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