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Dodge Hornet Concept – Gone! – Name Kept

Back in 2006 Dodge introduced a concept car called the “Hornet”. The vehicle was as wide as a standard mid-size car, but stubby like an economy car. The rear seats folded flat to allow for quite a bit of cargo area in the back. Dodge intended to make the car highly customizable, even offering different tint color options for the windows. They obviously wanted to appeal to the Tuner enthusiast which were a growing segment back in those days.
There’s definitely some Caliber SRT4(2007 Release) design cues that were borrowed. If you look directly at the two vehicles from the front, you really see the similarities.

2006 Dodge Hornet Concept

2006 Dodge Hornet Concept

2007 Dodge Caliber SRT4

2007 Dodge Caliber SRT4

If this vehicle hit production now, it might get confused with a Scion iQ or maybe a Kia Soul. However the vehicle is wider than either of these vehicles, and actually has a more aggressive styling.

The question is whether we will ever see this vehicle on showroom floors. The answer is NO! According to recent reports Chrysler may opt to use a rebadged FIAT Giulietta to replace the Dodge Caliber once they kick it to the curb. The rebranded Giulietta will possibly carry the “Hornet” badging, but this can’t be confirmed. Don’t think we’ll see that Caliber nameplate anymore though.

We have some spy photos of the possible US version of the Giulietta out in the wild below, excuse us…”Hornet”. Remember, none of this can be confirmed, and Chrysler has not officially made any statement regarding US production of either the Hornet or the Giulietta. As of now this is simply speculation and rumor.

(Spy Photos are from Road&Track)

2013 Dodge Hornet Hatchback Rear View

2013 Dodge Hornet Hatchback Rear View

2013 Dodge Hornet Hatchback

2013 Dodge Hornet Hatchback


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