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Chrysler Working On Gas/Diesel Hybrid

Apparently Chrysler and the DOE(Department of Energy) are working on an engine that burns both diesel and gas. The 2.4L engine has two turbochargers, and a regenerative system to power some vehicle accessories. Expected fuel improvement for a Chrysler minivan using the new engine setup is expected to be around 25%. You’re probably looking at around 31 miles per gallon in a minivan size vehicle. Apparently the fuels are not mixed within the gas tank so it is assumed that separate gas tanks will be needed. It would only be a slight inconvenience to consumers if they are required to fill separate tanks. Most pump stations locate diesel and gas nozzles side-by-side, so moving the car to complete the fill-up procedure would not be necessary. The question is whether you can run strictly on one or the other fuel, or can a “eco” mode be turned off or on? Maybe the vehicle owner can simply fill up with gas and skip the diesel if they so desire, or vice versa. It will be interesting to see how Chrysler implements the technology  in a way that appeals to consumers.

Chrysler is working with the DOE on other hybrid vehicle models. Together they have started to test EV Ram trucks and compressed gas engines.


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