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Air Force Sargent, Karl Halligan, Thanks Chrysler Executives

After being stationed in Italy for the past three years, Air Force Technical Sargent Karl Halligan had a special stop to make before heading to his next assignment in South Carolina.

Upon returning to Michigan to visit his parents before leaving for his next assignment in South Carolina, Sgt. Halligan decided he would like to extend a sign of gratitude to Chrysler Group for their continued support of the troops and to acknowledge his admiration of the executives’ leadership qualities.


While stationed in Italy, Sargent Halligan was deployed to Kandahar Air Field in Afghanistan from January 2010 to August 2010. While there, Karl sent pictures to his father, Kevin Halligan, that depicted how cold the weather in Afghanistan actually was and showed the soldiers’ hands exposed to the elements. Kevin, a 20 year long employee of Chrysler’s IT department, decided to try and organize the shipment of Ram gloves to the troops along with the packages that were already being put together for the troops. To symbolize Karl and his colleagues in the Air Force’s appreciation, Karl had United States flags stored in compartments in an A10 Warthog plane and in a Reaper plane and then flown in combat missions in Afghanistan. The special flags were framed inside shadow boxes and along with framed certificates of authenticity were presented to Chrysler Group CEO, Sergio Marchionne, CEO and President of Ram Brand, Fred Diaz and Chrysler Group Chairman, Robert Kidder.
As a return symbol of gratitude for all of the work that Karl and his colleagues do for our country, the executives presented Sgt. Halligan with three Ram Brand gift bags including limited edition Laramie Longhorn belt buckles. Ending a touching and honorable ceremony, Sgt. Halligan saluted the executives and said that he decided to present the gifts to Mr. Marchionne because he is someone who shows such dedication and continued support of the troops, and he always leads by example.


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