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Chrysler Brand Getting Out Of Europe – Sort Of!

Lancia LogoIt looks like Chrysler is terminating sales in Europe starting today, according to a report by Bloomberg. The Chrysler brand has had difficulty competing with VW and GM in the markets. What you will see is Lancia dealerships springing up to replace the Chrysler dealerships. Lancia(A FIAT company) has had a pretty good track record in Europe.

“We couldn’t maintain the two brands everywhere so we had to decide,” Olivier Francois, the Fiat executive who heads the Lancia and Chrysler brands, said in an interview. “Lancia has a higher awareness in Europe, while for the U.S. and the rest of the world, Chrysler is a more global brand.”

Lancia Thema

Lancia Thema (Chrysler 300)

What you’re going to see are rebranded Chrysler products that will carry the Lancia logo. Back in March we did a post that laid  out some of the crossover vehicles we expect to see hit Europe. Lancia sales are expected to double with vehicle sales hitting close to the 250,000  mark.

Jeep will continue to be sold in Europe with brisk sales expected. The Jeep brand has always been strong even during the recent economic slump.


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