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Does Dodge Really Have An Attitude?

Yes…It’s called the Hyundai Accent. Huh, What are you talking about? I’m talking about  the selling of the Hyundai Accent as a Dodge vehicle in Mexico. Apparently Hyundai has absolutely no presence in Mexico. Correction, no brand presence.  Actually Dodge has been selling a rebadged version of the Accent for some time now. Unlike earlier models the current one is leaving the Hyundai badging on. The Korean company is also selling their Starex Van as a Dodge vehicle with the name “iLoad” and “iMax”. If you want proof then head on over to the Dodge Mexico website.

Dodge Attitude

Dodge Attitude

Let me say that there is absolutely nothing wrong with this. Car companies have been doing this for years. It’s far more cost effective to piggyback  on a automaker who has  supply channels and physical stores already established in a market. International car sales are important. There is huge growth potential for Chrysler and other manufacturers in international markets. And let me say, not that it really matters, but Dodge did not place it’s badging on the vehicle. Everyone knows the vehicle is a Hyundai. It’s not like they’re trying to disguise the fact.


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