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“The Ram Home Safety Prep Show” – In Houston & We Have Free Tickets

Home Safety Prep Show

We have free tickets available at Helfman Dodge Chrysler Jeep Ram dealership. You have to show up in person to get them. Address:7720 Katy Freeway – Houston,TX 77024 (Next To Ikea).Details below/Click on above image to view full size.

Hurricanes, drought, house fires, floods. Is your home safe? Are you prepared for the worst? Meet the experts, disaster pros, and first responders  who will show you how to survive any emergency.

Tickets: $15 at the door on day of event. Early Discount Coupons available.

17 and under free with a paying adult. (Bring the kids! They’re free and they’ll have a great time checking out all the cool trucks, emergency vehicles, gear, and especially the Coast Guard rescue operation).

Come learn from the experts about how to keep you, your family, and your home, safe in case of emergency. Featuring:

Gentlemen, Start Your Engines. Exclusive Ram Truck Ride-and-Drive

Come check out some of the newest trucks to roll off the Ram assembly line, and take them for a spin on our specially designed course at the event.

Cody Lundin, Star of Dual Survival, Get’s You Prepared

Cody is one of the world’s leading professionals on surviving disasters. He’s an expert on urban and suburban survival techniques that anybody from Texas can relate to. Based upon his best-selling book on urban preparedness, When All Hell Breaks Loose: Stuff You Need to Survive When Disaster Strikes, Cody will teach the following life-saving skills: creating a microclimate in the home for dealing with hot or cold weather with no grid power, collecting water and making it safe to drink, emergency sanitation and hygiene, food storage tips, alternative communications and transportation, emergency lighting, basic first-aid, dealing with the fear response to survival scenarios, and much more. Plus Q&A.

Fire! The Deadliest Disaster. How to Escape your 195-degree House on Fire. Presented by the Houston Fire Department.

Somebody is killed or injured in a U.S. house fire every 31 seconds, and that doesn’t even include firefighters. That adds up to over 2,500 deaths, and 13,000 injuries–more than all natural disasters combined. Houston Fire Department Assistant Chief, Thomas Munoz, will show you how easy it is to get in serious trouble during a home fire. He’ll also show you how to make sure you and your family can survive a life-threatening conflagration.

Disaster On, Power Up: Home Generators Made Easy

Popular Mechanics senior home editor Roy Berendsohn is a leading expert when it comes to home generators—he’s been reviewing them, and using them, for years. When disaster strikes, having back-up power can be a life-saver, but they can also beextremely dangerous if you don’t know what you’re doing. Whether it’s a small 2000-watt portable gas generator to run an appliance and some lights, or a hardwired standby generator that can lend a sense of normalcy when the power grid is down for days, Roy knows the ins and outs. In this easy-to-follow demonstration Berendsohn will demystify the “home generator,” and help you figure out what your home really needs when it comes to back-up power.

Meet the Heroes of the U.S. Coast Guard

The men and women Coast Guard are the first responders in any major disaster. Who can forget the riveting images of Rescue Swimmers dangling from helicopters and plucking people off rooftops after Hurricane Katrina? Come meet an elite Houston-based Coast Guard Rescue Swimmer, listen to his rescue stories, and learn what to do if you’re caught in an emergency and need their help.The Coast Guard will also be bringing a rescue response boat for attendees to check out.

PLUS: Special, LIVE, Search and Rescue Helicopter Operation: Attendees will watch as a Coast Guard Rescue Swimmer positions himself outside and sets off a smoke flare. From over the horizon a a Coast Guard Helicopter will swoop in, hover over the “swimmer,” drop a line, and then whisk him away to safety. (***Helicopter availability subject to last-minute changes due to unforeseen rescue operations in the Gulf of Mexico***).

Exclusive 2011 Hurricane and Drought Forecast. Are You At Risk? Presented by Chris Hebert, Lead Forecaster, ImpactWeather.

Though the 2010 hurricane season was the third most active on record with 19 named storms, 12 of which were hurricanes, the United States was spared any significant impact. Early indications are that the 2011 hurricane season will not be quite as active as 2010, but the threat of a landfalling hurricane along the U.S. Coastline appears to be higher than last year.  In this presentation, Hebert will examine the weather parameters, tracking patterns and identify those areas which might be at a particularly high risk of being impacted this coming season. In addition, he’ll address a few common misconceptions about hurricane preparedness.

The Electric Cold Beer Off-The-Grid Gadget Test, Presented by Popular Mechanics senior editor Glenn Derene

When the power goes out, you’ve got to make sure your technology doesn’t go down with it. Popular Mechanics technology guru, Glenn Derene, will show us how he created a his own closed-loop power supply using two deep-cycle batteries, an inverter, a small wind turbine, a 60-watt solar array, and a portable gas generator. He powered his tools, laptop, emergency lantern, radio, and he also kept his beer cold! See how he did it and learn how you can too!

On The Front Lines of the Worst Natural Disasters. Charles Blake, national disaster coordinator, Red Cross.

Red Cross national disaster response coordinator Charles Blake has spent 30 years working in disaster relief, including five months on the ground in the wake of Hurricane Katrina, and as a Red Cross relief coordinator in the aftermath of the Haiti earthquake.”Of all the disasters I’ve witnessed,” says Blake. “I’ve never seen anything in my life like what happened in Haiti.” Blake has coordinated the Red Cross response to everything from devastating floods to catastrophic tornadoes, and from raging wild fires to house fires. In this very rare appearance, you’ll hear Blake’s first-hand accounts of being dispatched around the state of Texas, around the country and around the world, to help people in the wake of natural disasters. You’ll also get some critical advice and insight that can only be learned from somebody who has been in the trenches during so many disasters. Come hear Charles Blakes incredible accounts and learn what to do if you’re confronted with a natural disaster.

Plus: Come check out the Red Cross Emergency Communication Response Vehicle. Normally, stored in a secure location in the Houston area, the ECRV 4707 is dispatched to natural disasters around the country so on-the-ground responders can communicate with disaster-hq from the field. It’s outfitted with a satellite dish, voice and data link, telescoping mast antennae, and a sophisticated array of communication technologies–not to mention an 8,500-watt generator connected to its diesel engines. Come see the rig, meet the specially-trained ECRV operators, and listen to their stories.

True Survival Story: I Survived Hurricane Ike!

Do you and your neighbors have a plan in place for the next hurricane? Do you have the right gear? What do you need to know if you aren’t going to evacuate? Come learn from a local hero and preparedness expert, Mark Vorderbruggen who helped his neighborhood survive Hurricane Ike—and then thrive in the chaotic aftermath. You’ll come away with the ultimate check-list for the next big storm that’s headed for Houston.

Expert Advice. Trees, Storms, and Chain Saws. Don’t Get Hurt Helping Out. Presented by Mark Chisholm. Sponsored by STIHL

Downed trees, foul weather, and danger go hand in hand. Nobody knows this better than Mark Chisholm, a world-renowned arborist, chain saw expert, and international tree-climbing champion who travels the world conducting training seminars for STIHL. Running for cover during the storm is scary enough, but the biggest threat may be once the storm is past. Trees get tangled with deadly utility lines. Large limbs—widow makers—get suspended overhead and come tumbling down. Branches get spring-loaded with tension, and one wrong chain saw cut can cause a bone-crushing backlash. Did we mention that chain sawing in flip flops and cargo shorts is a really bad idea? In this highly visual presentation, Chisholm will show you proper personal protective equipment, how to prepare for an upcoming storm, and how to identify danger spots and clear tree debris after it has past. You’ll also learn when it’s time to “throw in the saw” and call in a pro.

Disaster Insurance. We’re Covered, Right? Right? Presented by the Houston Chronicle’s reporter Purva Patel

If your house is damaged during a disaster, are you covered? Do you know what you need to do before an event happens—are you sure? Do you know what to do to cut through the red tape after your house has been damaged? As Purva Patel, business reporter for The Houston Chronicle knows, getting your money is no easy feat. Come join us as Patel brings her extensive reporting to bear and explains what you need to know to make sure you’re covered in case of an emergency.

Houston’s Bravest: Meet the Men and Women of the Houston Fire Department.

And so much more!!!  Check back as we add exciting features to the show!


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