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Fiat’s TwinAir Engine Earns 4 International Engine of Year 2011 Awards

TwinAir Engine FIAT

TwinAir Engine FIAT

Fiat SpA recently collected four awards in the “International Engine of the Year 2011” competition for it’s TwinAir engine (image at right) platform, developed by Fiat Powertrain.
The jury, which consisted of 76 journalists and industry experts from 36 countries, honored the the TwinAir engine with the top award in the compettion: International Engine of the Year 2011. According toAutospies.com, the TwinAir top honor is only the second time that a sub-1-litre engine has taken the top prize.
Other TwinAir engine honors include:

  • Sub 1,000cm3 category
  • Best New Engine of the Year
  • Green Engine of the Year

Last year, Fiat Powertrain’s 1.4 MultiAirTurbo engine won the Best New Engine 2010 award. This year’s honor confirms Fiat Powertrain’s leadership in developing and producing small displacement engines with a high technological content and low environmental impact.
The epitome of the downsizing concept, the efficient engines in the TwinAir family feature the sophisticated MultiAir® technology – used on the Fiat 500 and Fiat 500c in North Ameica – for the smart management of the intake valves, which affords brilliant performance levels and, concurrently, extremely low fuel consumption andCO2 emissions.


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