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Chrysler Rethinks Interior Design – Wins Awards



Chrysler realized a couple of years ago that it needed to rethink the way it designed vehicle interiors. In CEO Gilles words, “You can make plastic look good, but we made plastic look even harder than plastic.”  The issues was not only the amount of plastic that was being used in their vehicles, but the way in which it was being designed. To fix this problem Chrysler designated design teams that specifically focus on interiors. Chrysler also implemented new texture injection molding processes. What you get now in many of their vehicles is about a 50% use of plastics throughout. You may also notice what Chrysler is referring to as “Soft-Touch”. This is simply the use of plastics and organic materials in a way that surfaces have a soft giving feel to them.



Two of Chrysler vehicles were recently awarded 2 top 10 position from Ward Automotive for interior design. The two vehicles awarded were the Jeep Grand Cherokee Overland Summit and the Dodge Charger Rallye Plus.


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