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“Automobile Magazine” Makes Chrysler Minivan Prediction

minivan predictionAutomobile Magazine recently posted their “2011 Sneak Preview” in this they look down the road at what is coming from car manufacturers. Some are predictions and look ahead a few years, some are based on current information related to 2012 models.

Below is a clip from the article describing the state of  the Chrysler minivan. Do you think they’re on the right track?

(The following was pulled from article in Automobile Magazine titled “2011 Sneak Preview”)

“Minivan divorce?” 

For all twenty-seven years that Chrysler has built minivans, it’s been selling them under at least two brands. With the 2014 model year, that’s finally about to end. That’s when a next-generation minivan arrives and the ChryslerTown & Country and Dodge Grand Caravan go their separate ways. Crucial to splitting the two lines will be a new architecture that allows for much more flexibility, including the ability to underpin a large sedan. One possible approach could be a mini-minivan in the vein of the Mazda 5 for one marque. Also expect to see hybrid technology under the hood later in the vehicle’s life cycle.


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