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Jeep App Impresses

There’s a lot of mobile applications out there. Last count for iPhone apps  is around 36,000. Needless to say, trying to find a good app is difficult. Lots of bad mixed in with the good,repeat…LOTS OF BAD. I believe the term is craplications.

Helfman Cars went on the search for the best app currently available for it’s readers, and we found what we believe to be a wonderful social networking app by Jeep.

The app is called TripCast. With TripCast you can broadcast your Jeep excursion to friends, family or the general public. What’s really cool is that they offer a website that allows people to view your trip progress. You set pins throughout your trip. These pins mark destination spots, and also Geo-Tag uploads such as pictures, notes or voice recordings made by your through the app. I’m impressed by the website that Jeep uses to display the trip data. A video has been attached below to let you see just how well the site integrates with the application.


You can download the app by clicking here.

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