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What is this? Maybe Chryslers Hybrid Future.

Oh no, it’s not nuclear is it, I mean it does have that odd looking red tank. That’s got to be a fusion reactor. Nope… What your looking at is a diagram of a vehicle equipped with a HHS (Hydraulic Hybrid System). It’s this kind of system that Chrysler is betting at least part of it’s hybrid vehicle future on. As of now, Chrysler offers some lean gas eating machines, but none of which are consumer hybrids. The cool thing about this system is that it’s a NO BATTERIES REQUIRED vehicle. The system uses hydraulic fluid to that is pressurized during breaking. This pressurized fluid is placed in a special container that has an elastic bladder. This bladder pushes back against the fluid and forces high pressure fluid into a pump that powers the engine. The experience for the driver is much like that with other hybrids. When at a stop the engine cuts off. Once you’re ready to accelerate, the HHS takes over and gets you up and going until the engine is neede


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