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The SUV Is Back!

Oh poor little SUV. How we have shunned you nay the last few years. Much like the witches of Salem we saught to cast you from our US villages. Spat upon and cursed. In just a few years our anger has driven you to only the most utilitarian spaces of americana. But Fear not oh mighty city hauler, for a new day has begun. America has seen the light, turned from old ideas and reinvented new ones.

Ok so the above may have been a little over-dramatic, but it really does capture the view America took towards SUV’s following the economic turmoil that began 2 years ago. Let’s be honest. How many of you SUV owners felt a little like outcasts when driving your beloved family friendly SUV? Well it looks like people may be changing their view of the SUV with the help of  newer more fuel efficient models being released by automotive manufaturers.

Chrysler has launched two new vehicles to fit the bill. First is the  Dodge Durango, and second is the Jeep Grand Cherokee. Both share the same uni-body design which reduces weight by roughly 200 lbs. Both have also received the super efficient 3.6 liter Pentastar engine which has received overwhelmingly positive reviews from critics. These changes add up to a gas saving rating of 23 mpg hwy. O.k it’s no Prius but can you haul 5 kids and a dog in a Prius. No you can’t.

The reality is that people hated letting go of their SUV’s. The practicality of a SUV is simply unmatched (Considering the fuel mileage is good). Now consumers can once again embrace the SUV, and do it without the guilt.

Hop on over to the Durango web page to check it out. For you Jeep lovers head on over to the Grand Cherokee page to check it out.


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