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Ram Head Missing From New Dodge Line-Up!(By:Taylor)

Dodge just announced their 2011 lineup. Refinements were made across the board. The key elements that Dodge engineers focused on were handling, steering,comfortable ride,noise, harshness,craftsmanship,appearance expectations and powertrain. So I think that covers just about everything. I mean these vehicles simply have a different aura about them. I haven’t quite yet put my finger on it, but something is different. One thing I didn’t notice right-a-way was the missing Rams head. Yes, the iconic Ram Shield is gone. No longer will it bejewel the interior and exterior skin of Dodge. Although it will be missed by many Dodge lovers, I really think the decision to pull it and allow it only on the truck line was a good one. It fits the truck line better. Passenger cars call for a level of refinement that utilitarian trucks (Although Rams can be very luxurious in their own right.) may not represent. You notice the absence of the logo in two primary locations. One is the grille, and the other is the steering wheel. Both use the “Dodge” emblem now, centered on the steering wheel, but offset to the left side on the grille. Although noticeable, the logo changes are not the only updates to be made to the Dodge line.

I’ll note the externals first. Everything is softened on the outside. Dodge has managed to round things off a bit, and add curves where needed without loosing the aggressive styling Dodge is known for. The pieces hood,glass,headlights,doors,trunk just flow together in a more seamless integration. I love the new sunken groove on the Charger that runs along the left and right side of the door and quarter panel. It has that I’m moving while standing still affect. The vehicle that caught my eye the most was the ALL NEW Dodge Durango. It’s based off the Grand Cherokee platform, and is simply stunning to look at. Everything is rounded on the vehicle. It has a rather soothing appearance…graceful is another word I would use to describe the appearance. Although not intended for Off-Roading like its sibling the Grand Cherokee, it does tout best-in-class towing. I’ve dropped in a video  by TFLcar.com that gives an excellent walk around of the vehicle “INSIDE-OUT”. I haven’t mentioned the Caravan, Challenger, Journey, or Caliber. The Caravan would require a separate post, and the 2011 Journey and Caliber are currently in showroom floors. So let me move on and talk about the interior for just a second.

Us humans like to touch things. And according to the vehicle purchasing public when it comes to the interiors of their cars, they like the touch to be soft. Dodge says…”Your request is our command”. From the dashboard, to the steering wheel most everything has a slight cushiony feel to it. Even knobs and buttons that are made of hard materials have a softening to them. Knobs are no longer pinch and turn but are touch and rotate. Buttons presses are sure and smooth. The instrument cluster is bright and pleasing to the eye. AC controls are easy to use, and the radio centers are modern and uncluttered. Seating in all of the vehicles are less utilitarian and more refined, and give the imports a run for their money. Subdued  metal accents and beautifully placed interior lighting top everything off.

The new “Dodge” is to be taken literally here. Change can be a good thing. Dodge has shown this with its new 2011 line.


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